the art practice of Sangodare
(aka Julia Roxanne Wallace)

6 Current Projects:
Sermon: What If God Is Infibite
When We Free Trailer

When We Free - Film Teaser from J. Roxanne on Vimeo.

the work

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No Legacy Let Go: A Ritual of Healing and Rememberance
Password: Omiero60Sng

No Legacy Let Go: A Ritual of Remembrance and Healing from J. Roxanne on Vimeo.

Eye Sea Reflection: A Studio Visit with Lillian Blades

Lillian Blades Documentary - Eye Sea Reflections by J. Roxanne Wallace from J. Roxanne on Vimeo.

A Thousand Words (Free)

A Thousand Words - Poem from J. Roxanne on Vimeo.

Eji Ogbe
wood burn

( Untitled Spiritual Portrait; aka flutter)
wood burn, acrylic paint, spray paint on wood

Untitled (Love, Black Feminism, Yes)
colored pencil & pastels on paper in glass & wood frame

Untitled (Wind, Waves, Sky)
Acryllic painting on canvas

about artist


my love for creating multimedia and art came like lightning when I was around 5 years old. Michael Jackson’s “The Making of Thriller” came out on video tape. My parents rented the video and a tape player from the grocery store. Somehow I knew all those different art forms and technologies shown in the film had a parallel to the many forms and technologies of the Black baptist church and preaching tradition of my family.

My first art forms were music (singing, bass guitar, piano, percussion and composition) and poetry until I went to undergraduate school and picked up multimedia interactive design and filmmaking.


Since I came from a family with a lot of preachers and church workers - my grandfather, father, almost all of my 11 Aunts and Uncles, many cousins, etc. - I felt like I definitely wanted to go to theology school to dig deeper into the questions I had about life, God, scripture and culture.

My coursework inside and outside of the master’s program gave me many opportunities to engage assignments through visual art. Also, I began to expand my visual art practice to include drawing and painting as a form of honoring and celebrating myslef and loved ones.



The language and business of art are new to me but the affirmation that meaningful objects and beautiful objects, created for their own sake, are still valued (when and where I live) is the greatest gift in my world at present. My filmmaking is valued and now I see that my visual and sound art are too.

An opportunity I had to attend a Creative Capital workshop sponsored by the North Carolina Arts Council revealed to me that I have been a fine artist masquerading as a commercial artist. I have mostly been creating multimedia art for it’s own sake and as a tool to support a shift in meaning making or a shift in perspective (for myself and for others).

I am emerging as a full time multimedia artist even though this is the work I have been doing for over a decade. I say emerging because I am expanding the audiences and venues with whom I share my work to include museums and galleries.


I am seized by the desire to create and explore spiritual portraiture. What becomes visible when we look beyond identity and demographics to the soul, the intangible presence of a person, place or thing.

I am also very excited to be composing Black Feminist gospel music enlivened by the words of Black Feminist elders and ancestors. Part of this project includes creating compositions in diverse improvisational community where Queer/LGBTQIA and People of Color voices are centered.

The foundational element in the spaces I facilitate is creating a safe space for participants to be present using a range of visual, aural, spatial and non-physical techniques. Often these gatherings include ceremony, extemporaneous sound art creation (under my direction), improvised & choreographed movement and powerful transformation for individuals and groups of people.

select past events

RESIDENCY: Living Room

A day long residency at City College of San Francisco
October 11, 2016
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EXHIBITION: Breathing Back: A Breathing Chorus

Collages by Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Mantra music composed by Sangodare

Carrack Moder Art Gallery
111 West Parrish Street, Durham, NC 27701

February 20 - 28, 2015
*Opening Reception: February 20, 2015

*Queer Black Sunday School: Choir Practice
a day of sacred practice
Sunday, February 22nd, 2015
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WORKSHOP: Queer Black Sunday School: Choir Practice

Facilitated by Sangodare (aka Julia Roxanne Wallace)
A Mobile Homecoming presentation

1) Allied Media Conference
Wayn State University - Detroit, Michigan

Sunday, June 21 at 10am

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RESIDENCY: Mobile Homecoming at Allgo

Artists in Residence Sangodare (Julia Roxanne Wallace) and Alexis Pauline GUmbs

Austin, TX

Sunday, August 24 - 30


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