the art portfolio of Sangodare (aka Julia Roxanne Wallace)

Current Major Projects

1) When We Free - a short film
2) Queer Black Sunday School: Choir Practice - singing and theology workshop
3) Spiritual Portraits - sound & visual art divination practice
4) Black Feminist Film School (bffs)
5) Meditation and Mantra Music (Black Feminist Breathing)

When We Free Trailer

the music & sound art

These are all original compositions with vocals and music played by Sangodare.

composition from "Purple Galaxy"...

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The Following Pieces are from the
Black Feminist Breathing Chorus

for more info visit

Bayard Rustin's Power

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Claudio Jones No Guilt

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(Untitled, Esu Elephant)

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Lucille Clifton Always

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(Untitled, Oshun Vandross)

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Zora Drenched in Light

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the filmmaking

When We Free Trailer

more info about the film here:

Black Feminist Film School

a filmmaking culture and curriculum that honors our Black Feminist Legacies
learn more at

the visual art

Currently, my focus is on working with wood. I wood burn (also known as pyrography) and carve iconic, spiritual and religious symbols that are inspired by my Spiritual Portrait practice.

Eji Ogbe

this is one of my spiritual portraits that references a verse from the Odu Ifa, the scriptural wisdom of the West African peoples we know as the Yoruba.

Untitled (flutter, Spiritual Portrait)

(to the left) this is a Spiritual Portrait. a self portrait in fact. It synthesizes my current passions, projects, priorities and life purpose in a way that resonates beyond my conscious mind.

Spiritual Portraits are about the path and the purpose of an individual which get at the spirit of who they are without specific visual representation of their embodied self. I use various dialogical and divination forms to inspire each Spiritual Portrait.

Untitled (Love, Black Feminism, Yes)

colored pencil & pastels on paper in glass & wood frame

Untitled (Wind, Waves, Sky)

Acryllic painting on canvas

the installation

I build and arrange objects to support specific human intention. Therefore, I understand my installation work to be a process of building altars and/or meditation spaces. Sometimes that means the elements - earth, candle, water. Other times it may consist of something like music that is activated by someone touching objects on a table.

the facilitation and ceremony

Sangodare creates safe space for transformation.
100% of the time this takes place in collaboration with long time partners or communities that invite me to facilitate a workshop or a ceremony that honors an important moment, person/people or element within their world.